Here are all of our various pages of research, we do a page for most of our podcast episodes.

Data Collection Tools: How do you collect data on your teaching and your students learning?

Digital Morals. So important and especially important for family members to model for others!

Digital Citizenship. A few resources for teachers who need to teach Digital Citizenship (That would be ALL of you!!) There is also a page called Digital Morals which we have geared more towards parents.

Feedback Tools: The research states that feedback is more important sooner, rather than later.

Flipped Learning. This is an ever changing facet of educational best practises, but the base of it is that there are students in your class who would benefit from it.

Focusing while using Technology is hard for adults, much less kids. Here are a few strategies to help!

Games, Game based Learning and Gamification.

We did several episodes on Genius Hour and Passion Projects, focussing on the elementary / primary classroom.

Grading Tools and Report Cards. It’s hard no matter what you teach, here are a few suggestions to make the process smoother for you.

Homework. Love it or Hate it, there are opinions galore and we give a few strategies for making it best for learning.

Thinking of becoming an International Teacher? Check out our series on doing that!

Introducing Technology to your students. Whether it’s a device or an app, a young child or a teen, there is a “best practise” to allow maximum learning to occur.

Inquiry Based Learning. It’s very popular in International schools, but not used as much in local public schools.

Learning Spaces is a hot topic right now! How we design our classroom layout has impact on how our students learn.

Growth Mindset is something that everyone can benefit from, but it is important to be careful with the language teachers use, or it could backfire.

New Teachers! Pre-Service Teachers! Although you could find beneficial information from any of our pages, here is one dedicated just for you!

Project Based Learning is something that many North American schools do

Being a Parent of an elementary aged child can be difficult. Here’s some information about screens and your child.

Reflecting is something that many (most? all?) teachers do. Everyone should do some reflection and as teachers, we need to teach how to reflect.

Responsive Classroom. It’s a SEL programme that is growing in popularity. There is no curriculum, but there is a set of guidelines and training to guide you.

SAMR is a term that allows teachers to reflect on what the purpose of the technology is within the lesson. Some have called it a ladder, but that’s a bit misleading, as you want to have some activities representing EACH of the letters.

ScreenTime. It’s a contentious issue. Parents think that kids are only playing games, teachers don’t always know how to manage it so it can disintegrate into game playing.

Are your transitioning from standards to inquiry based learning? Curious about them?