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Digital Citizenship

Time Management for Muli-Subject Teachers

New and Pre-Service teachers

Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset Mindset: Clearing up Some Common Confusions Dweck’s work has made…

Grading tools and report cards

Grading tools and report cards are a few different tools you can use to assess your students, as well as a few tips and tricks to make your reporting life easier!

Parenting Online Primary Students

Parenting Online Primary Students Online Primary Students     Is it OK to let my preschooler play with my phone?

Digital Morals – Teaching, Brewed

Digital Morals :// Clear Boundaries Can Protect Your Kids Online

Teaching Digital Citizenship

Teaching Digital Citizenship Clear Boundaries Can Protect Your Kids

Genius Hour, Passion Projects and 20% Time

Genius Hour, Passion Projects and 20% Time you think about whether or not to incorporate Genius Hour / Passion Projects / iTime or 20% time into your classroom, check out these links which we mentioned in our podcast.

Going International: becoming an international teacher

Going International: becoming an international teacher are a few links to help you with your search to become an international teacher, or work in an international school in your home country.

Standards and Inquiry

Standards and Inquiry and Inquiry     3 Peaks and 3 Pits of Standards-Based Grading | Edutopia one…

Transformative Tech

Transformative Tech that have transformed our teaching practises. A peek into our own classrooms.

Tech or Traditional?

Tech or Traditional? questions to ask when using new technology in the classroom
Screen Time Limits“….Furthermore, parents are increasingly using these devices to pacify their children, with nearly one in ten parents giving smartphones or tablets to their children…


Reflections A few sites from our research on “reflection in the classroom” for an upcoming podcast. Make Just One Change: Teach Students to Ask Their Own Questions:…


SAMR is not a ladder, a word of warning

Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning Do So Many Schools Want to Implement Project-Based Learning

Inquiry Based Learning

Inquiry Based Learning Based Learning Moving from structured to open inquiry:

Learning Spaces

Learning Spaces Students’ Agency

Introducing Tech to Students

Introducing Tech to Students Tech to Students

Game Based Learning – Teaching, Brewed

Game Based Learning Guide to Game-Based Learning


Homework grade-schoolers doing too much homework?

Focus while using tech – Teaching, Brewed

Focus while using tech while using tech     Training the Brain to Listen: A Practical Strategy for Student Learning and Classroom Management |…

Flipped Learning – Teaching, Brewed

Flipped Learning Learning What does a flipped classroom look like at each grade level?

Classroom Management – Teaching, Brewed

Classroom Management Management Classroom Management in the Digital Age Management In The Digital Age. Check out their Free Posters, the…

Feedback Tools – Teaching, Brewed

Feedback Tools we get into the tools, note the research states that feedback is more important sooner, rather than later. In other words, if you can give feedback during the process,…

Data Collection Tools – Teaching, Brewed

Data Collection Tools Collection Tools No Tech / Low Tech

Age Limits – Teaching, Brewed

Age Limits Limits Kids need to reclaim their data and security… especially at school | TechCrunch…